Design & Communication
Communications are mostly though e-mails. It's opportunity to meet in person for Denmark location only (sometimes Iceland). Design will be provided after agreement and wishes for each client. Designer will present the designs for clients in low resolutions. When payment will be received the high resolution files will be sent to clients with

Price, Payment & invoice
The price will be give is in Danish Kroner (DKK) or Iceland Króna (ISK) for services.  Invoice is made in Denmark therefore will the VAT by the danish rules, 25%. The Price given does not include VAT. Payments are received with bank transfer only (Denmark & Iceland) or Mobilepay/Aur App (Denmark/Iceland). Clients will receive high resolution files after payment has been delivered.

All communication between designer and client is confidental. We respect our clients privacy. 

If client decides not to proceed with the service, the work already made needs to be paid. 

Share on social media
Designer will ask for permission to share on social media the work. 

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